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Bobcat C/I Heavy Duty Bucket - 74"

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These buckets are built even stronger than construction/industrial (C/I) and low profile buckets. Strength is added to key are

  • Stronger mounting frame
  • Double-walled top crossmember
  • Thicker and taller side cutting edges

    Capacity has also been increased over construction/industrial (C/I) and low profile buckets to take full advantage of the increased capacities of today’s larger machines.

    These buckets give operators a good view of the cutting edge and good breakout force for improved digging and bucket filling.

    Top Tasks

    • Heavy-duty grading and leveling
    • Material handling

    Compatible Carriers: 
    S630, S650, S740, S750, S770

    Operating Weight 681 lbs
    Length 38.1 in
    Width 74 in
    Height 24.1 in
    Number of Teeth
    8 Bolt-on
    ISO Heaped Capacity 20.6 ft3
    ISO Struck Capacity 15.2 ft3
    Pre-drilled for Bolt-On Edges or Teeth