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BossTek DustBoss DB-60

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The DB-60 is the right equipment for the toughest dust control jobs, demolition, construction, concrete curing and crowd cooling. The fine mist created by our units captures airborne dust particles and drives them to the ground, helping you adhere to the toughest air quality standards. The DB-60 fan is capable of blanketing a 125,000 square feet area (11,613 square meters) with droplets that are 50 to 200 microns in size for effective particle attraction and maximum dust/odor control. Its 30,000 CFM fan can cover more than two American football fields in dust-trapping mist.

Product files and documents

Bosstek DB-60 PDF file, 250.82 KB

Supplied Water Pressure (PSI)  40 60  80 100
Water Flow with Booster Pump (GPM) 22.2 23.9 25.4 26.7
Water Flow, no Booster Pump (GPM) 12 14.6 16.9 18.9