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JetHeat GT 1400 AP

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The GT1400-AP (All Purpose) is JetHeat’s state-of-the art  modular heating system.  This flexible configuration was designed to meet a wide variety of customer applications.  By design, the system can be used as a trailered package or as a stand-alone enclosure facilitating placement of the narrow (32”) cabinet into spaces the competition cannot... such as a freight elevator, a doorway or hallway.  The welded construction inner structure is very rigid, enabling the enclosure to be safely removed or hoisted from the trailer utilizing an overhead crane.  The enclosure can also be separated from the trailer with a forklift utilizing the fork pockets provided.  Convenient, lockable enclosure doors open to access the main controls, fluids, and filters.  The outlet incorporates a quick connect design yielding a wide variety of ducting options.  The enclosure features a 200 gallon fuel tank with 110% containment.  100% Intake Air Filtration helps keep air clean on dusty work sites.  For service, the heater module conveniently slides out of the enclosure for easy access to service points and mounting hardware. The GT1400- AP is the heater for all applications whether the need is construction, concrete curing, ground-thaw, oil and gas, structural steel painting, remediation, extermination or other applications.  If you need efficient, clean, “big heat” in a small and modular package the GT1400-AP is what you’re looking for.  This package can also be purchased without the trailer.  The core of this heater, and all other JetHeat configurations, is JetHeat’s proven Stand-Alone (SA) heater module.  The SA can be removed from the AP enclosure and used in conjunction with a remote fuel cell or reconfigured into a GT1400 SA-M (some additional hardware is required).  No other heater system in the World has this level of modularity or capability.



28” W x 5’7” L  x 3’5” H Stand Alone
32” W x 7’6” L x 6’5”’ H Enclosure
6’2” W x 16’9” L x 7’ H On Trailer


Enclosure (Dry) = 2,470 Lbs.
Enclosure (Wet, 200 gallons of fuel) = 3,910 Lbs.
Trailer ( ONLY, no Enclosure) = 1,550 Lbs.
Total weight, Trailer, Enclosure + 200 Gallons = 5,460 Lbs

Heat Output

860,000 to 1.4 million BTUs equivalent


#1 Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel or ULS Kerosene
Fuel Consumption

3.2 - 5.3 Gallons Per Hour

Thermal Efficiency

Over 90%

Air Flow 3,200-5,200 CFM
Air Pressure Up to .7 PSI (20" WC)
Air Quality Less than 10 PPM CO & Odorless
Air Temperature 145° to 200° F Rise over inlet temperature