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Serious Thermal Products TOASTER

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The TOASTER Infrared Ground Thawing Equipment by Serious Thermal Products Ltd., is a propane-fired, electrically operated infra-red ground thawing device specifically designed to remove frost from frozen ground to allow for installation, repair, and replacement of buried utilities and excavation of small areas or trenching. The device is field inspected, tested and approved (labelled with field evaluation labels) for Canada and the United States. The use of infrared technology provides the advantages of:
No open flame: place units next to buildings
Flexible: can be placed in any number of
and utility pedestals
• Easy set-up: no heavy equipment required and
site preparation reduced
• Less affected conditions: such as wind,
snow, and ice than traditional thawing methods.
positions, side by side, end to end and Tee
• Efficient: thaw rates equal to coal and faster
than existing open flame units and less affected
by wind, snow and ice.
• Environment friendly: doesn’t emit foul odors
or smoke.
• Reliable: all components rated to -40° (C,F).

Product files and documents

Serious TOASTER Manual PDF file, 3.53 MB


Dimensions (L x W x H)

123.5 x 26.75 x 20.75 in


345 lbs


Propane Gas

Fuel input

88,000 BTU/hour

Gas supply Pressure

Max: 14 in WC; Min: 11 in WC

Input Power

120 V, 1A, 60 Hz