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Sherpa 100 ECO

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Hanenberg Materieel Ltd. was the first manufacturer to introduce an electric mini skid-steer the SHERPA 100 eco. The SHERPA 100 eco is just as powerful as the model with the combustion engine and is particularly suitable for indoor demolition work and work in stables.

The 76-cm wide mini compact loader is powered by a surprisingly strong 2-HP front-mounted electric motor. Pressing the accelerator quickly builds up the pressure in the system. The space that normally contains the combustion engine now stores a 360-Ampere battery pack that powers the mini skid-steer for up to 7 hours.

Product files and documents

sherpa_eco_100 Specs PDF file, 3.08 MB

Capacity 2 HP (1.5kW)
Revolutions Per Minute 1800 rpm
Speed Up to 4 mph
Breakout Force 1851 lbs
Tractive Force 1230 lbs
Hydraulic Drive System 2756 psi
Hydraulic Tank Capacity 11 gallons
Tipping Load: Pallet Forks With Weight Low 771 lbs
Tipping Load: Pallet Forks With Weight High 486 lbs
Tipping Load: Bucket With Weight Low 770 lbs
Tipping Load: Bucket With Weight High 484 lbs
Steering Type Skid Steering
Battery Type Traction Battery
Battery Capacity 360 Ah
Kerb Weight 1591 lbs