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Thawzall TCH250

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TCH 250 utilizes a top draft, high efficiency oil fired furnace which heats water/propylene glycol (HTF) and distributes the HTF through the patented multi-zone manifold system thru a series of 600 foot. industrial hydronic hoses in a low pressure closed loop system. Thawzall uses an automatic tempering valve to cover the various temperatures needed for Thaw, Cure and Heat modes. Under no circumstances, will the furnace ever need to be adjusted down as the electronic tempering valve can adjust the temperature delivery needed for the specific applications. Up to 12 inches of frost can be removed in a 24 hour period depending on layout of hose, insulation used, ambient outside temperature and soil conditions.

Product files and documents

TCH250 PDF file, 4.58 MB



#1, #2 Diesel

Fuel Capacity

160 Gal

HTF Capacity

122 Gal

HTF Durability

-80º F

HTF Circulation Pump

1-Closed Loop Centrifugal

Maximum BTU output


Dimensions (L x W x H)

170 x 84 x 97 in


5,600 lb

Electrical service required

120 V, 20 Amp

Hose (3,000 Lineal Feet)

5 x 600 ft

Safety Codes


Thaw Area

3,000 ft2

With additional hose

6,000 ft2

Concrete curing area

6,000 ft2

With accessories

18,000 ft2

Frost prevention

9,000 ft2

With accessories

27,000 ft2

Heat buildings

400,000 ft3

Operating Pressure

1-5 psi

Fuel Consumption (full load)

1.0 GPH

Run Time

3+ days

Pump Capacity

30 GPM / 1,800 GPH